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Ladies and Gentlemen…the moment you have all been waiting for! We are proud to announce the open registration for the 2024 Florida Vacation event! Spaces are limited so register soon!! Can’t wait to see you all on the trail!

2022 Meet and Greet

May 3rd, 2022

To all Eastern 4 Wheelers club members past, present, and future:

On behalf of the 2022 E4W Board, we would like to welcome everyone to the Post-COVID Reboot of our four-wheeling adventures.  The past couple of years have been hard on all of us and our ability to organize large events.  This year, we are back!  This is a quick note to update everyone on the current status of the club as well as what plans we have for our future endeavors.  We want to be sure that, as a club, we can utilize and enjoy the fruits of being a part of a continuously growing legal offroad community.  But first, let’s take a step back at our roots and see how much we have grown.

The Eastern 4 Wheelers (E4W) club was established in 1987 by two gentlemen named Dave Brill and his cousin John Mantzaris. Both had just purchased very capable 4-wheel drive vehicles and were eager to test their offroad capabilities.  However, there was one (little more than minor) setback; neither Dave nor John had any idea where they could possibly go to test these capabilities.  They came up with their version of the modern-day “internet” to reach out to other 4-wheel drive enthusiasts who they believed were looking for the same thing they were.  Armed with flyers, they took to the streets- leaving flyers on the windshields of fellow 4-wheelers.  In time, two people turned into six.  These six then started visiting different libraries, looking to gain access to maps showing locations of old service roads, trails,  right of ways, etc.  Membership continued to grow slowly until 1990.  It was at this time when Dave, John, and other members of the newly formed club went down to an event in PA where they met Rudy Shoneck of East Coast 4WD Association.  Shortly after,  an alliance was made.  From that point forward, Eastern 4 Wheelers has been growing with membership in the hundreds. 

Fast forward to the year of 2022.  This is the year of reemergence for much of the world.  The word tradition comes to mind for many Eastern 4 Wheelers club members.  Our traditions (specifically Florida Vacation) have been put on hold for the past two years.  It has been a difficult two years with the unexpected arrival of the Covid pandemic, the unexpected loss of our former President Kevin Powell, and the wheel of life moving fast in general for all of us.  That said, it is necessary for us as a club to reemerge in 2022, rekindle our traditions, and be there for each other as club members and friends.

To kick off the year, we would like to introduce you to your new board.  You may recognize many of these names (and their rigs) from years of trail riding.  If not, we can’t wait to meet you.

  • President– Ben (Rock) Roccapriore
  • Vice President– Brett Emons
  • Treasurer– Maria Overly
  • Secretary– Kristin Cavallaro
  • Membership Secretary– Salvatore (Sal) Nozzolillo

We are energized and ready to get back in the woods.  Keep an eye out on Facebook, Instagram, in your email, and on our website for upcoming news and events.  We have a ton of ideas that we can’t wait to put into action and we want you to know about them whether you are on social media or kicking it old school.  We look forward to an exciting upcoming year of events and trail rides and hope many of you can join us to continue what was started in 1987.

2020 – And we’re back!

January 23rd, 2020

If you came to our page recently, you may have been surprised by a ‘godaddy’ parked domain page – We lost our domain, but it won’t happen again. We’ve re-acquired it, and is now up and running.

You’ll notice a few changes around here — Mainly, the forum. May it rest in peace(pieces) – Gone, but not forgotten. You will find on the left, links to it’s replacement: Facebook. There’s two groups – One, the open to the public group, and the second, a members only group.

Enough of that noise – It’s 2020, and another year of wheeling is coming up fast. Get your rigs ready, it’s going to be a great year for E4W!

Hello members wheelers and guests. So 2017 brings Eastern to its 30th year. So long ago in 1987 this club started and has been wheeling greater New England ever since. This season has started off slow with late winter hitting some of our trails up north. However two trail cuts have already been done gearing up for Florida Vacation 2017 which has been scheduled for July 21st-23rd. This will be the 27th Florida Vacation which for those who aren’t aware is based around Florida Massachusetts and the old florida road trail. So REGISTRATION IS OPEN for 2017 just click the link below (in the 2016 box) Sorry ill figure out how to move it. Also register on the forum or check out our fb page for additional information, wheeling pictures and our schedule. Additionally Eastern has joined the NEA so we are looking forward to having more available legal wheeling opportunities for our members. Keep it in 4low Jeff Valerie President E4w

It’s that time of year again, time to dust of the trailers and patch up the rigs. We’ve got a lot of great stuff planned this year, and a few new properties. We’ve completed our first two runs, the first being a Work ‘n’ Wheel run hosted by Northeast Toyota Crawlers. They let us in on their property in RI that had something for everyone. I was able to get through just fine in a stock-ish Jeep, but there was plenty for the guys in buggy’s to get hung up on. Next was a run hosted by Long Island Offroad at a property of theirs in NY. Once again, stuff for everyone from the bone stock to full buggy’s. It had obstacles from brook crossings to hill climbs and rock crawls (plus a killer view at the top). Both were great days at great properties with great people, so Thank You to both the guys at NTC and LIOR!

There’s still plenty to come running some old and some new land; and, of course, Florida Vacation. Registration is now open to the public, so get your names on the list! As for the other runs, make sure your dues are paid up and keep an eye on the forum for signups!

It’s 2014, Are you READY!?

March 22nd, 2014

Well, Spring has sprung (So I’m told…) and it’s about to get muddy. Who’s ready for some 4WD action this summer? It’s time to finish up the winter projects and get the rig ready to roll — We’re just a month away from our first run already! (Apr 27, Crazy8’s!)

Don’t forget – Florida Vacation is scheduled earlier this year – June 27, 28 & 29!
FV Action!

We’ll let you know right here when Florida Vacation Registration opens!

See you on the trails!

Dave aka Ghan

From the President

March 25th, 2012

Welcome to Eastern4wheelers.org!  Eastern is a private club based in Connecticut that hosts trailrides 10 months out of the year.  We have sole access to private trails in Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut.  Through our connection with NOVA, we trailshare for several other private trails in the area. The club is family oriented including camping for many of our scheduled runs. We also organize runs to Rausch Creek and other off road parks. Our largest organized event is “Florida Vacation” which entails a long summer weekend of camping, wheeling and raffles on Old Florida Road, Mass. Feel free to browse our public forum for our schedule and other wheeling information. Wether you are running a full out buggy or a stocker u wanna drop into 4low we dont discriminate.  If you have any questions or issues contact us at krazyfj@yahoo.com

Tom Orsini President E4W

E4W has Joined N.O.V.A.

November 15th, 2010

Eastern 4 Wheelers is a proud member of:


Welcome to Eastern 4 Wheelers!

October 17th, 2010

Eastern 4-Wheelers is centered in Connecticut but we have members hailing from all over the Northeast. We are an environmentally conscious and family oriented club who seek to enjoy and promote the sport of driving 4-wheel drive vehicles over challenging terrain consisting mainly of open, unmaintained town roads and private land.

We actively participate in land issues by being politically active and environmentally conscious by doing regular trail clean ups/maintanence and Adopt-A-Road programs. Our community service projects include food drives, toys for tots events and inclement weather transportation for Drs and nurses.

The purposes of this club as organized are:

  • To provide social, recreational, and educational events and activities for its membership.
  • Work to maintain existing trails and find new land to be used for recreational 4 wheeling.
  • Promote the responsible and safe use of 4 wheel drive vehicles.
  • To be readily available, when called upon, to help in emergencies where our 4 wheel drive vehicles and personnel are needed.
  • Become involved with the legislative process in an effort to effect a positive outcome on land use issues as it relates to our sport.
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