Hydro assist help

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Hydro assist help

Postby AaronT » Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:47 pm

Can anyone recommend a hydro assist steering setup?
Been looking @ complete setup from west Texas off road .
It's going in my 96 XJ.

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Re: Hydro assist help

Postby upsidedown » Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:29 pm

Have you checked out PSC?

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Re: Hydro assist help

Postby AaronT » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:07 am

I have, I've heard mixed reviews on there products.
Do you run there stuff?
I'm hoping to do this over the winter. My box is beat & pump is tired.
and seeing I'm going up in tire size, I think it's time for an upgrade.

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Re: Hydro assist help

Postby upsidedown » Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:23 am

Hey Aaron, Just saw your reply, I have had good luck with PSC. I actually have the first set up for an LT1 engine. I was the guinea pig for them testing different pullies and brackets. When they originally engineered the setup they did it around a B body ( Caprice ) Lt1 engine where I had the F body ( Corvette/Camero) engine.

There has been alot of people very happy with them in regards to their pumps and boxes. They rebuild both to tighter tolerances than factory. They can also rebuild your box and set it up for hydro assist. hope this helps.

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Re: Hydro assist help

Postby plfj40 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:17 pm

i been running Psc full hydro set up on my buggy for couple of years now and i had no issues with it,
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Re: Hydro assist help

Postby SVENG52 » Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:53 pm

I run a psc pump with external fluid tank and it works great with an older agr box
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Re: Hydro assist help

Postby Tonka1042 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:06 pm

I run PSC, no issues so far, 1.5yr old.

But I've worked on other systems, ones that were pieced together from cheeper parts, between pumps & orbitals going bad, I wasn't impressed.

If I had the money and needed a new kit, I'd go with Howe. I've only heard the best with their products and their customer service is outstanding.

PSC on the other hand, not the best when it comes to customer service. (A few friends had issues with that, not first hand experience though.)

If making your own kit, definitely invest in a high quality finned cooler (imo) there are others available, but I've replaced a few to the alloy/finned and it definitely improved the system. (whining noises/improved longevity of the pump.)

I'm not a tech, but thought I'd toss my 2¢ in.

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